Seizoen 1 is het eerste seizoen van FOX TV serie Bones. De eerste aflevering (Pilot) was te zien op 13 september 2005.

Afleveringen GidsEdit

  Pilot 13 september 2005 101
Geschreven door: Hart Hanson
Geregisseerd door: Greg Yaitanes
Na aangekomen te zijn in Washington, D.C., wordt forensisch antropoloog Dr. Temperance Brennan opgehaald door FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth om te helpen in een FBI onderzoek over een aantal botten gevonden in een meer.
  The Man in the S.U.V. 20 september 2005 102
Geschreven door: Stephen Nathan
Geregisseerd door: Allan Kroeker
Een S.U.V. explodeert buiten een café, een er zijn een aantal burgers om het leven gekomen. Als Dr. Brennan de identiteit van de overleden bestuurder bevestigt als de leider van de Arabisch-Amerikaanse Vriendschaps Bond, verdenken de autoriteiten de man ervan een terrorist te zijn. Door middel van het onderzoeken van de stoffelijke resten van de bestuurder, zijn Brennan en haar team in staat Agent Booth helpen de moordenaar te vinden en een mogelijke terroristische daad met betrekking tot de president te stoppen.
  A Boy in the Tree 27 september 2005 103
Geschreven door: Hart Hanson
Geregisseerd door: Patrick Norris
Er is een jongen gevonden in een boom vlakbij een exclusieve privé school, opgehangen. Er wordt wordt bijna onmiddelijk zelfmoord gezegd, maar alles wordt snel veel gecompliceerder als de school het in de doofpot wil steken.
  The Man in the Bear 1 november 2005 104
Geschreven door: Laura Wolner
Geregisseerd door: Allan Kroeker
Dr. Brennan gaat met tegenzin mee met Agent Booth naar Washington, waar een mensenarm werd gevonden in de maag van een beer. Als Brennan de man identificeert, ontdekt ze dat hij misschien een slachtoffer van een kannibaal kan zijn geweest.
  A Boy in a Bush 8 november 2005 105
Geschreven door: Steve Blackman & Greg Ball
Geregisseerd door: Jesús Salvador Treviño
A six-year-boy's remains is found near a shopping mall and when he is confirmed by Dr. Brennan to be the same boy who went missing from a local park, Booth and Brennan's team work together to find his murderer.
  The Man in the Wall 15 november 2005 106
Geschreven door: Elizabeth Benjamin
Geregisseerd door: Tawnia McKiernan
Tijdens een gevecht in een dansclub, breekt er een muur open, die een gemummificeerd lichaam en een voorraad metamfetamine bevat. When Brennan and her team identifies the deceased to be a former DJ of the dance club, Booth and Brennan investigate a rival DJ and the owner of the dance club.
  A Man on Death Row 22 november 2005 107
Geschreven door: Noah Hawley
Geregisseerd door: David Jones
Howard Epps, a death row inmate, has less than two days left before his execution. When his attorney asks for Booth's help to prove his innocence, Booth agrees to look over the case and asks Brennan and her team to help him, even though he is convinced of Epps' guilt.
  The Girl in the Fridge 29 november 2005 108
Geschreven door: Dana Coen
Geregisseerd door: Sanford Bookstaver
Brennan's former professor and ex-lover, Michael, comes to Washington, D.C. and the two quickly resume their relationship. After Brennan and her team help Booth identify a young woman found in a refrigerator, they proceed to find out who had killed the woman. As Brennan works to gather evidence for the prosecution, she discovers that Michael has been appointed as an expert witness for the defence.
  The Man in the Fallout Shelter 13 december 2005 109
Geschreven door: Hart Hanson
Geregisseerd door: Greg Yaitanes
Two days before Christmas, Booth brings in the body of a man found in a fallout shelter. While Brennan is eager to examine the body, her colleagues want to go to the company's Christmas party. When Zack cuts into the bones of the man, he accidentally releases a deadly fungus that causes the team, including Booth and Dr. Goodman, to be quarantined over Christmas.
  The Woman at the Airport 25 januari 2006 110
Geschreven door: Teresa Lin
Geregisseerd door: Greg Yaitanes
Brennan and Booth investigate the body parts of a woman found in different locations by Los Angeles International Airport. However, Brennan and her team have trouble identifying the victim when they discover that she had extensive cosmetic surgery done, which altered the core architecture of her skull.
  The Woman in the Car 1 februari 2006 111
Geschreven door: Noah Hawley
Geregisseerd door: Dwight Little
An agent from the state department is sent to perform a security review on Brennan and her team. Meanwhile, the burnt body of a woman is found in a car with signs that her child was kidnapped, leading Booth and Brennan to suspect the father, Carl Decker. Their investigation is complicated when Decker turns out to be in the witness protection program.
  The Superhero in the Alley 8 februari 2006 112
Geschreven door: Elizabeth Benjamin
Geregisseerd door: James Whitmore Jr.
A decomposed corpse in a superhero outfit is found in an alley. Booth and Brennan discover that the victim was a fan of comic books and had engaged in role playing with his friends, but his attempt at being a hero had deadly consequences.
  The Woman in the Garden 15 februari 2006 113
Geschreven door: Laura Wolner
Geregisseerd door: Sanford Bookstaver
Brennan joins Booth in his investigation regarding a dug-up corpse found in the back of a gang member's car. When Brennan and her team examine the original burial site of the corpse, they find another empty grave, leading Booth to believe that there was a double homicide.
  The Man in the Fairway 8 maart 2006 114
Geschreven door: Steve Blackman
Geregisseerd door: Tony Wharmby
Brennan and Zack investigate a small jet crash that was carrying some Chinese diplomats and an unidentified female guest. At the crash site, Brennan finds some bone fragments that do not belong to any of the passengers, but might belong to a man who has been missing for five years.
  Two Bodies in the Lab 15 maart 2006 115
Geschreven door: Stephen Nathan
Geregisseerd door: Allan Kroeker
Two cases are brought to the Jeffersonian Institute; one concerning the human remains of whom the FBI thinks is mob boss James Cuguni, while the other concerns a possible murder victim of serial killer Kevin Hollings. When Brennan narrowly misses being the target of a shooting while waiting for a date, it becomes probable that the shooter is connected to one of these cases.
  The Woman in the Tunnel 22 maart 2006 116
Geschreven door: Greg Ball & Steve Blackman
Geregisseerd door: Joe Napolitano
The body of a documentary film-maker is found at the bottom of a tunnel shaft beneath Washington, D.C. Brennan and Booth are introduced to an underground society, whose leader thinks he might be responsible for the victim's death.
  The Skull in the Desert 29 maart 2006 117
Geschreven door: Jeff Rake
Geregisseerd door: Donna Deitch
When Angela finds a skull in the desert on her vacation, she asks Brennan for help identifying the skull as she fears that it may be her missing boyfriend's.
  The Man with the Bone 5 april 2006 118
Geschreven door: Craig Silverstein
Geregisseerd door: Jesús Salvador Treviño
Booth brings Brennan to examine a 300-year-old finger bone that was found with a corpse in a national park. When they discover that the bone may have belonged to a pirate, the team is led on a hunt for pirate treasure.
  The Man in the Morgue 19 april 2006 119
Geschreven door: Noah Hawley & Elizabeth Benjamin
Geregisseerd door: James Whitmore Jr.
Brennan is on vacation in New Orleans identifying bodies of Hurricane Katrina victims. When she suddenly wakes up and realizes that she has lost her memory of the previous day, Booth flies down to help her. Soon, she becomes the prime suspect in a murder case.
  The Graft in the Girl 26 april 2006 120
Geschreven door: Laura Wolner & Greg Ball
Geregisseerd door: Sanford Bookstaver
The team helps FBI Deputy regisseur Sam Cullen's daughter, Amy, when she contracts a rare form of lung cancer after receiving a bone graft. Booth and Brennan learn she is not the only victim with this rare form of cancer.
  The Soldier on the Grave 10 mei 2006 121
Geschreven door: Stephen Nathan
Geregisseerd door: Jonathan Pontell
A charred body found in a cemetery leads to the team investigating a possible cover-up involving a group of soldiers in the Iraq war.
  The Woman in Limbo 17 mei 2006 122
Geschreven door: Hart Hanson
Geregisseerd door: Jesús Salvador Treviño
Booth opens an investigation into the disappearance of Dr. Brennan's parents when her mother's remains are discovered. Brennan reunites with her brother, whom Booth brings to Washington, D.C. to help in the investigation.