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"Booth: 4:47. Why would you want to be reminded of the moment when everything almost ended, Bones?
Brennan: Because it didn’t.
The End in the End

"The Secrets in the Proposal"

447 is a recurring number in Bones. The number has frequently appeared in several episodes in the background as an easter egg. The number finally gets acknowledged within the show in the series finale.

Though Hart Hanson originally had a different idea about the number's significance, according to Michael Peterson, 447 was supernatural omen signifying a time of change for Booth and Brennan.


Season 4[]

  • The End in the Beginning - Booth's alarm clock reads 4:47 at the very beginning of the episode, right before Brennan gets into bed with him.

Season 5[]

  • The Beginning in the End - A digital clock in the murder victim's apartment appears in the background flashing the time 4:47 while Hodgins and Booth are at the scene and again when Hodgins returns with Sweets.

Season 6[]

  • The Hole in the Heart - Booth's alarm clock reads 4:47 right before Brennan enters his room for comfort after Vincent Nigel-Murray's death, and ultimately sleeps with him. This is also a callback to the Season 4 finale, where the same thing happened in Booth's coma-induced dream.

Season 7[]

  • The Crack in the Code - 447 shows up twice in this

    "The Crack in the Code"

    episode: As a room number visible when Booth receives a call from Angela about the victim's identity midway through the episode, and in a newspaper headline reading "HERO OF HIGHWAY 447" on Christopher Pelant's wall near the end of the episode.
  • The Prisoner in the Pipe - Christine is born at 4:47. The time is visible on Brennan's wristwatch.
  • The Suit on the Set - 447 is visible in a column outside of Booth's movie set office.
  • The Past in the Present - 447 shows up twice in this episode as well. The first is in the FBI stairwell where 447 is labeled as Labratory Services. Secondly, while Booth and Brennan are at Christine's christening, Pelant enters their home and switches their digital alarm clock with one he built earlier in the episode. Both clocks read 4:47 when switches them.

Season 9[]

  • The Secrets in the Proposal - At the very end of the episode, after Booth and Brennan make up, the digital clock on their kitchen reads 4:47, but then switches to 7:35, suggesting Pelant was watching the exchange.

Season 11[]

"The Fight in the Fixer"

Season 12[]

  • The End in the End - One of the items Brennan packed was a clock that stopped at 4:47, the exact time when bombs detonated in the Jeffersonian lab. She kept it as a symbol of "when things were about to end, but didn't."