These are the characters featured in the episode A Boy in the Tree .

Main Cast

Temperance Brennan

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Temperance Brennan reluctantly agrees to instigate a murder investigation so that she can continue investigating. Her objective point of view

Seeley Booth

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FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth believes that the hanged boy was murdered the whole time. He disagrees with the private schooling sense of entitlement. This leads him to aggressively pursue the investigation.

Angela Montenegro

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Angela Montenegro and Jack watch on as Zack and Naomi talk. She offers Zack some advice on how to interest Naomi.

Jack Hodgins

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Jack Hodgins and Angela watch on as Zack and Naomi talk. He refuses to give Zack advice on how to interest Naomi, instead suggests he ask someone "more earthy".

Zack Addy

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Zack Addy's relationship with Naomi from Paelientology seems to be on the rocks. He seeks help from Hodgins, Angela and Booth about how to win over Naomi.

Daniel Goodman

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Daniel Goodman appears with Bones when Mickey Santana presses Booth to make a decision into the body.

Recurring Characters

Mickey Santana

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Mickey Santana appears to pressure Booth to instigate an official investigation

Sid Shapiro

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Sid Shapiro is the owner of Wong Fu's, Booth's restaurant.

Single Episode Characters

Tucker Pattison

Tucker Pattison, played by Toby Hemingway, is Nestor's roommate. He created an e-mail and sent it to Nestor's parents as Nestor. He appears in a sex tape with Melodee Destry, using it to blackmail her.

Camden Destry

Camden Destry, played by Kayla Mae Maloney, appears in a sex tape found in Nestor's room. Although initially appearing to be a victim, it turns out that she, along with Tucker, had blackmailed both her mother and Nestor with separate sex tapes.

Melodee Destry

Melodee Destry, played by Avis Wrentmore, appears in one of the confiscated sex tapes Bones and Booth watch.

Ambassador Olivos

Ambassador Olivos, played by Marlene Forte, is the Venezuelan ambassador and Nestor Olivos's mother.

Leo Sanders

Leo Sanders, played by Mark Totty, meets Bones and Booth as they arrive at the school. He is the head of security and always appears alongside the Headmaster.

Peter Ronson

Headmaster Peter Ronson, played by Tom Dugan, meets Bones and Booth as they arrive at the school. He always appears with the head of security, Leo Sanders.

Karen Roach

Sheriff Karen Roach, played by Patrice Quinn, takes Bones and Booth to the crime scene. She previously worked with Bones on another case prior to the case.

Nestor Olivos

Nestor Olivos, played by Brian Burnett as an adult and by Samuel Carman as a 12 year old, is found hanging off a tree. He was being blackmailed over a sex tape and was killed because he wanted to go to the authorities about it.

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