Abigail Zeeley aka "Blue Minnow" is a member of the "Doomsday group". She says that Citizen 14 was her partner, but Warren was her friend. The rest of the group snickers, then one of them says that he was more than a friend, which provokes Abigail into walking off. Booth and Brennan question Blue Minnow and she tells them that they can’t take anyone from the Doomsday group seriously and that they were all "posers" like Warren said. She also tells them of a girlfriend that Warren had at the bowling alley, and that Warren was really Citizen 14. He was good, and did the right thing, but the others might have said he was obsessed. They didn’t get Warren like she did though, and they couldn’t ever be real heroes because they couldn’t pull off something real. Brennan wants to know if murder would be considered a real crime in their eyes, and Abigail says that it would. Stew Ellis later admits to sleeping with her a few times, but says she was obsessed with Warren. Abigail later attends Warren's funeral.

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