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Ambassador Olivos is the Venezuelan ambassador, mother of the murder victim Nestor Olivos and wife of Oraldo Olivos.

She is first brought in to identify Nestor Olivos after the Jeffersonian team finds him body hanging from a tree. It is later revealed that she was unaware of her child’s bullying, due to slurred speech from deafness and his accent.

As the story unfolds we find out that her son was killed by two teenagers, who gave Nestor ketamine and hung him from a tree. It’s later found out that his hyoid cracked days after death due to a ketamine and stomach acid reaction.


  • Her son was deaf in earlier life, but she was able to provide hearing aids (cochlear implant), and the first thing her heard was him mother’s voice.
  • She cared very deeply form her son, even after his death she still imagined what he would have grown up to be.