Amy Morton is lawyer. She tells Booth she is the new lawyer of death-row-inmate Howard Epps and asks for his help to prove Epps' innocence, who is scheduled to be executed in 30 hours. Booth was the investigating officer in the murder case of April Wright, who Epps is accused of killing. Although Amy's insistence prompts Booth to re-open the investigation to identify some anomalous evidence, the subsequent investigation not only confirms Epps' guilt, but also reveals that he has committed far more murders than April Wright, resulting in his execution being delayed so that he could be tried for the other crimes. Amy is never seen or referenced in Epps' subsequent appearance, suggesting that she decided to leave Epps' case alone after he manipulated her in such a manner. Her last scene onscreen certainly shows her repulsed by the depravity of the individual who manoeuvered her into representing him.

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