Dr. Andrew Rigby or The Cannibal is the town Aurora's local doctor and coroner.

Andrew Rigby is the murderer of Ann Noyes and Adam Langer. Rigby creates a perversion of the medicine wheel, the goal of which is to gain energy in the form of strength, spirit, knowledge and courage by eating flesh. Rigby kills Ann Noyes to consume her heart and gain spirit, and Adam Langer to consume his arm and gain strength. If he had not been caught, Rigby would have killed two more people in order to complete the ritual.

Brennan visits him to ask him if he has met with any patients with a prion disease. He says that he has not. When Zack finds more marks on Ann Noyes's sternum, which Brennan determines to be made by a sternum spreader. She realizes that Dr. Rigby would have seen this beforehand but did not mention it because he is the cannibal. Booth and Brennan find Rigby in the process of removing the bodies. Brennan knocks Rigby out with a bedpan. He was discovered to have a prion disease which indicates that he had been feeding on other people for some time. It is unknown how many times he performed the ritual before he was arrested.

While discussing the case with Booth, Brennan tells him that when they go to trial, Rigby could easily plead insanity which Booth points out makes sense as Rigby is insane. Brennan is left intrigued by the question of whether Rigby went insane because he got the prion disease from eating human flesh or if he was already crazy when he did it and the prion disease had no effect on his sanity and choices.

Trivia Edit

  • Rigby is the first cannibal who was introduced in the series.
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