Andrew Welton was the ex-fiancee of Camille Saroyan, and a murder victim.

He had a daughter, Michelle Welton, whose mother died when she was very young. Cam was the only relationship that Andrew ever had who was also close to Michelle, but she left Andrew when she learned that he was having liaisons with other women, Cam concluding that she couldn't stay with him under these conditions. Cam later reflected that Michael's 'problem' in relationships had been that he loved his wife so much that he was never able to bring himself to open up emotionally to love someone else to that degree of intensity.

Andrew Welton was a doctor until he was murdered by a nurse at his hospital, who resented the fact that she had always been there for him throughout all his relationships and he had never noticed her. 


  • He is one of very few murder victims which is directly linked to one of the protagonists (Cam)
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