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The Angelatron is a real-time graphics simulator. It results in real-time graphics to simulate, rather than the Angelator which relied upon computer-generated images to display. It changed the way the team carried out their business.


It was created by Angela Montenegro, a forensic artist of the Jeffersonian Institute. Dr. Beth Mayer, who carried the surname "Brinkley" at the time, was the one who developed the Angelatron's graphic simulator platform. She also updated the Angelatron's interface and created a digital database of Limbo during the progression of the case.

In The Brain in the Bot , Angela is nominated by Brennan for a MacArthur Fellowship for her groundbreaking work on the Angelatron.

The Jeffersonian is bombed in The Day in the Life and the Angelatron is destroyed as discovered by Angela and Hodgins in The End in the End. However, Angela has kept all of her data backed up on a portable drive in a nearby safe that survives due to not trusting the Cloud because of Hodgins' conspiracy theories. It's likely that when the Jeffersonian is restored, she will create a new version of the Angelatron.