Antonio Ramos is the son of Dolores Ramos and Juan Ramos.

1998 in Bogota, Antonio and his family leave the city for their country home and their convoy is attacked. 13-year-old Antonio fled the fighting carrying his little sister, but apparently had to keep going back to pick up pieces of her brain.

He arrived in America and was granted diplomatic immunity. During the events of The Girl in Suite 2103 , it is revealed he got drunk and slept with the victim. He was apprehended a few days later in the same bar he'd picked her up by Booth and Brennan as a suspect in her murder, but can only be held for questioning. His mother and Alex Radziwill pick him up. After finding out that his mother is the killer, Camille Saroyan suggests framing him as a bluff to get his mother to waive diplomatic immunity so they can charge her, but Booth refuses to go through with it. In the end, his mother does it anyway as she won't get a fair trial in Columbia and will be murdered by the cartels in prison.


  • Since Antonio has diplomatic immunity, he was never charged for any of the crimes listed off by Brennan:
    • Speeding
    • D.U.I.
    • Riding a motorcycle on the mall
    • Urinating on a national monument
    • Substance abuse (Every one of them)
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