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Arthur Graves was the first known Gormogon serial killer to appear on Bones.


Not much about Arthur's background is revealed, other than that he was the oldest known Gormogon serial killer, who started his rampage in the 1950's. In the 1970's, he worked for the Social Services. He handled foster children, some of which, it can be presumed, he recruited as his apprentices. Among his apprentices was the "current" Gormogon, who, following in his master's footsteps, recruited an apprentice of his own: Jason Harkness.

During his rampage, he and his apprentice killed over 30 people, cannibalized them, took some piece of their skeleton important in their professional lives and added them to a silver skeleton model. Eventually, he killed enough to put together an entire skeleton and retired, allowing the current Gormogon to begin his own project.

In the meantime, the aging Arthur suffered Alzheimer's resulted by his cannibalistic acts and was confined to a nursing home, where his apprentice sometimes visited him posing as his nephew. He was usually very calm and friendly there, though a staff member noted that he was "a bit particular about what he [ate]". Prior to being hospitalized, he somehow had all his teeth pulled out with a pair of pliers and gave them to his apprentice, who later used them as shrapnel in a bomb aimed at Booth and Brennan. They go to question him at the nursing home. When Brennan tries to confront him, he hisses at her hostilely, revealing the inside of his mouth which has no teeth. Brennan confronts him, but Booth pulls her away, leaving Graves smiling smugly as he looks away.


  • A picture of Arthur Graves was seen on the board with information on the Gormogon case when Hodgins was talking to Sweets long before he was identified in the episode. The scene was originally going to be used closer to the end of the episode, but it was moved closer to the middle of the episode.