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Benjamin Metzger is a Digital Forensic Scientist who worked with the FBI.

The Brother in the Basement[]

Metzger kidnapped Chloe Robertson, the fiancee of an FBI Agent; Richard Bannerman. He blackmailed Bannerman to procure a list of undercover agents planted in criminal and terrorist organizations. After receiving the list, he killed the couple by beating them with brass knuckles, damaging his hand in the process, which he told everyone was the result of carpal tunnel.

He set up a trade with Kevin O'Donnell to sell him the list for two million dollars. Seeley and Jared Booth inserted themselves into the plan to steal the money from Victor Masbourian to get the list. The heist left Jared dead and Booth severely injured by the gunshot to the abdomen. Metzger wanted Kevin to kill Booth threatening to call off the deal because he knew that Booth planted himself to get the list.

After erasing the hard drive on his computer with a virus sent over an e-mail, he started manipulating the team to steer the investigation with the information he allowed them to find. After discovering cause of death for Bannerman, Brennan realized that Metzger was the killer because of the damage to his hand. At first, Metzger was being exceedingly difficult with Aubrey and Agent Miller, but after Brennan started to torture him by breaking the already compromised bones in his wrist, he disclosed the location of the planned trade where Booth was hiding with Kevin O'Donnell. Because of the torture, his sentence was shortened, according to Caroline Julian, "from 900 years to 600 years," which she could live with.



  • He usually wears glasses.
  • He has two cats named Stephen and Hawking. Both of which were named after Stephen Hawking.
  • Metzger can be regarded as the Anti-Angela or a corrupt version of Angela, because he had an equally good handle on technology but had no sense of regret about killing the people he worked with in order to get rich, despite their personal relationships whereas Angela regards her friendships as absolutes over any situation. Angela provides everything she finds using her firm handle on technology, but Metzger chose to provide whichever evidence would point away from him to misdirect the team, even making it seem like he was genuinely uncovering evidence to fool Angela and use her to search whichever direction he chooses. Also, Angela prefers dogs while Metzger owns two cats.
  • "Metzger" is the German term for "butcher".