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"Always play in the key of G-Demolished."

Billy Gibbons is the father of Angela Montenegro. Angela's middle name is "Pearly Gates", the same as Gibbons's Les Paul guitar.


Gibbons's character is extremely protective of his daughter, almost to the point of sociopathic. Several times he has threatened Angela's now husband, Jack Hodgins, that if he hurts Angela in any way, he will pay. After Hodgins and Angela broke up, Gibbons blamed Hodgins and began "haunting" him by following him around and generally unnerving him. Angela tried to talk to him when they had lunch at the Royal Diner, and despite promising Angela that he would leave Hodgins alone, he drugged Hodgins, tattooed Angela's face onto his arm, and left him unconscious in the middle of a desert.

On another occasion, he wanted to name Hodgins and Angela's child, Staccato Mamba, but Hodgins rejected the name and insisted that they would either name the child Michael Joseph if it was a boy, or Catherine Temperance if it was a girl. He retaliated again, getting Hodgins drunk with tequila, tattooing his own face onto his other arm, and dragging him into an alley, although he did ultimately concede and allow Hodgins to name the child however they want. Although Hodgins did add Staccato to Michael's name.


His actions have made many characters afraid of him, Sweets in particular.


Angela, who loves him and is not afraid of him, is afraid of what he can do. The moment Angela saw her father after she and Hodgins split, she immediately told Hodgins to leave town, knowing her father intended on punishing him, and fully aware of the damage he could cause. Despite this, Angela shows no fear of him for herself. When she found out what he had done to Hodgins she claimed she was "so going to kick his Texan bad ass".


  • Billy F. Gibbons' plays a fictionalized version of himself.
  • According to Sweets, he keeps a black cat's bone in his pocket, a fact which Sweets finds extremely unnerving.
  • Angela says that her father uses a Nicaraguan Cordoba as a guitar pick since he stated that different guitarists use different types of picks to produce different sounds with their guitars.
  • He owns vintage cars, multiple types of guitars, and many guns.
  • He used to take Angela backstage to his concerts when she was little.