The relationship between Booth and Rebecca was mainly off-screen and ended before the Pilot aired, but resulted in the birth of Parker Booth.


Previous to the show, Booth and Rebecca were in a relationship, but then she got pregnant with Parker. Booth tried to propose to her, but she refused beacause she wasn't comfortable with making that decision.


Early HistoryEdit

Not much is known about their history other than Booth trying to propose to Rebecca when she got pregnant with Parker, but she turned him down.

Season 2Edit

Booth gets a call from his ex-girlfriend concerning who their son will spend the weekend with. Booth doesn't like the idea of his ex's new boyfriend moving in the same house with his son.

Brennan and Booth go to eat at the diner, where they get a visit from Booth's son, Rebecca, and her boyfriend. Booth confronts the new man and as nice as he is, Booth can't handle the idea of Parker with a new father figure, but when his ex suggests that maybe they should just leave Booth realizes that if he's going to be able to see Parker, then he's going to have to deal with things the way they are.

Booth lies in bed with his ex-girlfriend Rebecca after they just finished having sex - which they both agree was a mistake. Booth stating they "cannot end up groping each other in the FBI closet." Booth's phone rings and Rebecca answers to Brennan on the other line. Booth takes the call and quickly leaves.

Rebecca arrives to find Booth at the FBI building, but she meets Brennan instead. Brennan asks what happened between them. After Rebecca explains and tells Temperance that she now wishes she had not missed her and Seeley's "one true moment" and wonders if he feels the same way. Brennan tells her that Booth still has feelings for her. Later Rebecca lets Booth know the true reason that she did not marry him, reassuring him he is a good father to Parker. 

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