This page lists novels written by Dr. Temperance Brennan mentioned in the show and other information about them.


Bred in the BoneEdit

Brennan's first novel, which has earned her a great reputation as a crime author. Not much has been revealed about the plot, though in "The Superhero in the Alley", Booth mentions that the character based on him, Special Agent Andy Lister, is a former Olympic boxer, Harvard graduate, speaks six languages and has sex at least once with Amanda, the character based on Angela. In "The Bones on the Blue Line", it's mentioned that the cadaver in the story was eaten by weasels.  In "The Death of the Queen Bee", Brennan's high school  janitor, Ray Buxley, was mentioned as a character - a killer - when he asked her to sign a copy.

Cross BonesEdit

Brennan's second novel. Its initial title was Bone Free, but she changed it when Booth mentioned he doesn't like it. Mentioned in "The Woman in Limbo". No other details were given other than that it was dedicated to Booth.

Red Tape, White BonesEdit

Brennan's presumably third novel. Is about a serial killer who targets corrupt politicians, ties them up with red tape (a reference to bureaucracy), kills them by shooting them and feeds their remains to various animals. In "The Bodies in the Book", the murders were copycatted.

Bone of ContentionEdit

Featured in "The Bones on the Blue Line". In one scene, Reichs (the main character based on Brennan) dives through a sewage tunnel looking for the killer's teeth. In the episode "The Suit on the Set", the novel is in the process of being made into a film. The plot isn't fully revealed, but it appears to revolve around an international terrorist plot. The novel also contains a scene with a grease fire in a diner (which was changed to an ice palace in the film).

Bones of the LostEdit

Mentioned in "The Dude in the Dam".

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