Professor Bunsen Jude appears in The Body and the Bounty. He is the host of a children's science show on television. He has degrees in astrophysics, anatomy, chemistry and economics.

He comes to the Jeffersonian to ask Doctor Temperance Brennan to appear on his show. Although Brennan is initially uncertain about it as she doubts his abilities as a scientist, when Camille Saroyan suggests that she go along with it due to the potential publicity for the Jeffersonian, Brennan decides to accept a compromise where Jude will act as her squintern for the current case - all of her usual lab assistants being unavailable for unspecified reasons - and she may go on his show if he impresses her. After he identifies a key piece of evidence to crack the case, Brennan agrees to the original request.

Karen Delfs said that Hodgins' set up for creating alcoholic beverages at Cam and Arastoo's wedding is reminiscent of Bunsen Jude's scientific set-up on his show.

Trivia Edit

  • Hodgins is a fan of his show.
  • "Amazing!" is his catchphrase.
  • He was able to find the cause of death after observing the body for a few seconds, which everyone found impressive.
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