Calvin Warren is the murder victim in The Bone that Blew.

An ex-marine he was hired by Richard King to act as a nanny for his children Alexa and Royce King and the King family received death threats.

He slept with Toni Ezralow after he told her company secrets about Richard's company that made her a lot of money, they flew to New York for the weekend and she apparently spent the full two days "thanking him".

He took Royce to a lacrosse game and when he sustained an injury to the head Calvin took him to Toni.

Alexa King tried to get him to do her homework for her, but he refused. He decided not to tell her parents since they never punished their spoiled children, instead telling her he was going to ring her school and likely get her expelled to teach her consequences. Alexa grabbed one of her father's shotguns and killed Calvin.

Elsbeth King returned home and siphoned gasoline from the car to help Alexa dispose of Calvin's corpse. The powerful winds in the area later blew his bones across a wide area.

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