The Hodgins family owned the Cantilever group and has been passed down to Jack Hodgins who disagreed to go to balls or conventions that involved the group. The Cantilever Group was the third largest privately owned corporation in the United States.

Zack: Rich squared to the power of ten times four is how he described it.
--Aliens in a Spaceship

Hodgins stated once that it generated more GDP than Europe. The estimated amount of money that the Cantilever Group had accumulated was 4.6 billion. In Season 8, a hacker named Christopher Pelant was able to drain all the bank accounts which contained the money that was used to keep the Cantilever Group active. When all the money was stolen, the Cantilever Group collapsed and left Hodgins broke. In the finale of season 10, Angela Montenegro was able to find Hodgins' money, but Hodgins wanted her to get rid of it. He stated that it wasn't his money anymore because there was so much blood on it. He told Angela to send the money to a million charities and to help find the cure for Wendell Bray's cancer; Ewings Sarcoma. However, whether or not she did this is currently unknown.

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