Judge Celia Stockwell appears in The Day in the Life as the judge hearing Doctor Zack Addy's appeal in the murder of lobbyist Ray Porter. Doctor Jack Hodgins presents the blood evidence found on the Apprentice's body as proof that Zack did not commit the murder. However, prosecutor Caroline Julian argues that Hodgins could've planted the evidence and the victim's family needs to be considered. Hodgins' outburst causes Judge Stockwell to have him thrown out of the court. At the request of Doctor Temperance Brennan, Stockwell allows her to make a statement on Zack's behalf. Based on the new evidence, Judge Stockwell overturns Zack's murder conviction and life sentence. However, she determines that there is enough evidence to prove that Zack is guilty of the charge of aiding a known killer. As a result, Judge Stockwell declares that Zack must finish out the last thirteen months of his sentence for that crime before he is released.

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