Dr. Charles Leacock appears in Harbingers in the Fountain. He assisted Tom Fargood as a physician for the members in the group of people with MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) called Harbingers of a New Day. He helped Fargood dispose the twelve bodies under the Teversham Fountain. After disposing of the bodies, Fargood gave him a portion of the money he received from the group in order to keep Leacock quiet.

Ten years later, he became a doctor for children. He told Booth and Brennan how he really believed that Harbinger, the underwater hotel, existed, but he claims that he decided not to work there because he believes that he is more useful to the rest of the world when compared to "a bunch of people who are allergic to the whole world." They asked him for his medical files on all the other members of the group. Leacock told them that they needed to get a warrant to receive those files because the hospital was a state-funded facility. After they left, Leacock started shredding the Harbinger Files, but was interrupted by Dr. Brennan, who had more questions for him regarding the conditions of the people who were in the group. He attacked her with one of his medical tools and stabbed her arm. Booth, who was sent to help Brennan by Avalon Harmonia, bursts in and shoots Leacock in the heart before Leacock could kill Brennan.

Victims Edit

Victims by Proxy Edit

  • Jenny James (Killed by antifreeze poisoning in 1999)
  • Avalon Harmonia (Attempted, but kicked out of the group)
  • Louis Lampcov (Killed by getting shot in the head with a spear gun in 1999)
  • 10 unnamed people (Killed by antifreeze poisoning in 1999)
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