Throughout the show, Brennan, as an anthropologist, makes various references regarding anthropology, tribes and cultures.

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  • Talaq  ("In Muslim law it's a method of divorce called talaq")





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  • Dr. Brennan refrences Mohawk: "The Mohawk Indians have a saying that when a child falls in the rapids, the one who rescues her will share in her new life forever".

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  • Bones mentions how the Alfur people of Micronesia value daughters more than sons, while looking for evidence of early man.
  • Booth was in Afghanistan.


  • Bones mentions the Nyau in Malawi wear hyena bones as status symbols




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  • When asked by Booth to be careful not to get so physically involved while in the field, Bones says that "for centuries, pregnant women have been carrying bales of hay, jugs of water on their heads and then squatting in the fields to have their children".
  • She later says "squatting is a great position to give birth", it is also accepted in many South American and African Native Societies.
  • Bones says that in Iroquis society, the men who impregnated women moved in with them", and adds she has done extensive research on the Iroquis, women controlled society, owned all the property.



  • Bones mentions that John Wilkes Booth was secretly a member of the Knights of the Golden Circle.
  • Bones: "The Dani of New Guinea defeated the Amungme tribesmen, the Dani valued the huts of their vanquished enemy as symbols of their mightiness".


  • Anthropology of Jails: Bones refutes Booth's fears by saying that prisoners wouldn't hurt a child (she is pregnant) because it's one of their strongest taboos.
  • Bones questions the safety of birth in hospital, and prefers a home birth./ home birth.
  • Bones says that children who grow up on farms develope fewer allergies.


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