David Cook is one of foster sons of Margaret Sanders, the brother of Shawn Cook and the foster brother of the murder victim Charlie Sanders. He and his girlfriend Leila were playing video games at the mall when he was supposed to be watching the two younger boys in the park. After Margaret was revealed to have legally kidnapped Charlie who was not her son biologically, she was arrested and David and Shawn were placed into emergency foster care, though Booth ensured they remained together. Booth later released Margaret and reunited her with David and Shawn.


  • David's height is estimated to be around 5' 8 while he is estimated to weigh about 170 pounds at the time of "A Boy in a Bush."
  • David and his brother were presumably put into foster care due to abuse from their father. During his interrogation, Shawn showed Booth cigarette burn scars on his arm from their father.
  • While talking with Brennan, Shawn implies that he and David have been separated in the past while in foster care. Shawn also implies that David protects him as Shawn states that having David sleeping in bunk beds with him at Margaret's home comforts him as he knows his brother is there guarding him.
  • Unlike his brother, David refers to Margaret Sanders as Mom instead of Margaret.
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