Dr. David Yarzick is the psychologist of the murder victim Claire Serrano. He explains he treated Claire's and her memory was just beginning to return. He then mentions a fellow patient had become very, very attached to the victim. Later Sweets goes through Yarzick's notes on the victim and notices strange notations in the margins. Booth recognizes them as codes for gambling. A check of the good doctor's bank accounts reveals, well, nothing. The doctor has a major gambling problem and could've been after money he learned of from his patient. Wendell, Hodgins and Bones, examine the paint splatters. Bones focuses on one splatter and notices chewing gum with a clear impression of a tooth. "That's as good as a fingerprint," Bones says. And, sure enough, that tooth impression matches Yarzick's. Sweets is especially upset. "She trusted her life to you," the young doctor seethes. "You betrayed her".

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