Debra Ann Volker appears in The Carrot in the Kudzu.

She was a fan of Joe Starkel, who appeared in the children's show VegetaBills, where he played 'Carrot Bill', with Deborah directly attributing her successful weight loss to the example he provided to her. She had regularly attempted to contact with him over the Internet, sending e-mails and various Twitter posts, but she had never received a response.

Eventually, Deborah attempted to get Joe's attention by going directly to the studio and surprising him, but she was unaware that he suffered from a heart condition that he had recently stopped taking medication for. As a result, the shock of Deborah's appearance caused Joe to have a fatal heart attack, with Joe sustaining various wound to his upper body s as he fell over. Deborah attempted to hide the body out of fear, but the subsequent investigation exposed her role in the death.

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