Bishop Edward Galano appears in The Finder. Before the events in The Finder, Walter helped Galano find his faith when he lost it. He appears as a bishop in the Roman Catholic Church and an expert on Vatican Treasure Ships.

After locating a secret sign on the chart fragment after recovering it from Brittany's mouth, Walter and Ike bring their copy of the chart to Galano who agreed to help in exchange for the treasure's return to the Roman Catholic Church; the treasure's original owners.

A sign depicting three nails was revealed after being exposed to blood; the killer's blood. Galano tells them that the three nails means that the navigator of the Santa Esperanza was a secret Jesuit. He tells them about how the Jesuits have been abolished by Pope Clement at the time of the sinking of the Santa Esperanza. He tells them that a Protestant measures from the Greenwich Observatory in England, a Catholic measures from the dome of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, and a Jesuit measures from the Copernican Observatory on Monte Mario.

Galano wanted to discuss the brain damage Walter suffered in Iraq, but Walter walked away without a second thought.

Trivia Edit

  • Walter believes that Galano is a Jesuit because he stated that Jesuits are Catholic.
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