Edward Nelson is the neighbor of Margaret Sanders and her foster sons, Shawn and David Cook and the murder victim Charlie Sanders. Booth arrests him for Charlie's sexual assault and murder. Booth tells Doctor Temperance Brennan that they have Nelson cold: the insecticide he uses in his business matches the fluoride concentration found on Charlie's body perfectly. He also confessed to the murder, having manipulated Shawn using his fear of the foster care system to get the child to help him and panicking and kneeling on Charlie's chest when some teenagers went by. Due to Charlie's brittle bones from a genetic condition he had, it crushed his sternum and killed Charlie. Although he used Shawn to get near Charlie, he never abused Shawn. Booth believes that Edward likely abused his own son Skyler and alerts Child Protective Services to get the boy the help he needs to get through the trauma Edward inflicted upon him.

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