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El Carnicero en el Coche is the third episode of the ninth season of Bones.


The Jeffersonian team investigates the murder of Jaime DelCompo, a member of the Estrellas Locas gang, whose remains were found in a burnt out car. Meanwhile, having taken time off from the FBI in the wake of Christopher Pelant's latest assault on the team, Sweets ultimately decides to help with the investigation when he discovers that a young boy from the center where he volunteers is the son of one of the gang members.


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Featured Music[]

  • "The Fold" by Ivan & Alyosha
  • "Dead Ganglion" by Nocona
  • "Already" by DMX


  • The title of this episode translate in English is "The Butcher in the Car".


  • Booth: From now on when one of us has been shot at, has to tell the other one right away.

Brennan: Okay, unless one of us is already dead.
Booth: Right!

  • Booth: Here’s to Sweets, my little brother that I never wanted, but glad to have.
  • Hodgins (to Sweets): You’re one of the Avengers, man, we need you.