Elsbeth King appears in The Bone that Blew. She was arrested after her daughter, Alexa King, shot her manny, Calvin Warren, after he was going to her school that she was cheating on her history assigment. She tried to cnvince Calvin not to tell but he refused saying that she need to learn from her lesson, something her mother and father refused to do. So, Alexa shot him.

After Elsbeth got home she told her daughter to help her drag Calvin's body out the back. Then she spilled petol on it and set in on him. Later the bones became light enough to blow away in a wind storm.

Interally she said that she was the murder to keep her daughter out of jail but the bullets wounds on Calvin later proved that Alexa was the killer. She was later arrested as an accessory to the murder of Calvin. Her husband, Richard King, was shocked that his wife and daughter would kill Calvin.

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