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The FBI Headquarters is one of main locations on Bones and is the headquarters of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The J. Edgar Hoover Building is named for former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover.



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Major Crimes Unit/Homicide Division[]

Inside the Building[]

Booth's Office[]

Where SAC Seeley Booth works whenever he's not in the field. He's also conducted various interviews here as well. In the episode The Parts in the Sum of the Whole it is revealed that it was previously ADA Caroline Julian's office.

Aubrey took Booth's office when Booth and Brennan left between Season 10 and Season 11. He gave it back to Booth in The Carpals in the Coy-Wolves in exchange for a corner office upstairs from Booth's office.

Sweets's Office[]

Where Lance Sweets worked and also where many of the people including Brennan and Booth go to for their therapy sessions.

Aubrey's Office[]

James Aubrey was given a corner office after he temporarily occupied Booth's office when Booth and Brennan left between Seasons 10 and 11. It was first seen in The Senator in the Street Sweeper when Caroline Julian wanted him to run a background check on his girlfriend, Jessica Warren, to see if she was clear to work on the case of a deceased U.S. senator; Rick O'Malley.

Conference Room[]

Where Booth and others interview family members of the deceased victims and suspects.


A term used by Booth to refer to the small desks outside his office and the conference room. Many FBI agents use the computers to search for whatever Booth is looking for in a murder investigation.

Interrogation Room[]

Where the suspects in the current investigations are taken to be questioned for information or to get a possible confession out of them.

Break Room[]