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Felicia Saroyan is the younger sister of Dr. Camille Saroyan who works for the Jeffersonian Institute's Forensic Division, as a Forensic Pathologist/Coroner.


Felicia has a seemingly poor relationship with her older sister, Camille Saroyan, as both of them are very competitive, each of them trying to prove that their life is more fulfilling than the other. However their close relationship can be seen when both sisters decided to ignore Booth after he told Cam about Felicia kissing him in the episode, "Intern in the Incinerator", where their father had his sixtieth birthday.


Seeley Booth[]

When Camille asked Booth to play her boyfriend for her father's birthday dinner in the Season 3 episode "Intern in the Incinerator", Felicia and Booth kissed. It turned out she had only kissed him to get one over on her sister.