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Gil Lappin was the accomplice of the serial killer Howard Epps. Lappin led the police to a woman Epps murdered who wasn't found, just to lead detectives to a woman Lappin himself murdered at Epps' direction. Another was held captive to taunt detectives into rescuing her before she was killed. In the end, he was shot dead by Temperance Brennan. Epps was successful in delaying his own execution by having his involvement in the murders investigated.

Known Victims[]

  • Sarah Koskoff (hung upside down, tortured, and bludgeoned to death)
  • Helen Majors (kidnapped, held captive, and attempted to kill; was rescued)


  • Lappin appears to be inspired by Veronica Compton, an accomplice of "Hillside Strangler" Kenneth Bianchi. Compton tried to kill a woman while Bianchi was in prison to make it seem like Bianchi was innocent. The planned failed, and when Compton was arrested, she gave up Bianchi directing her to kill.