Grace Meacham appears in The Signs in the Silence. She was brought in to act as a legal guardian for the deaf 'Jane Doe' the team were currently 'investigating' after she was found covered in blood and holding a bloody knife. While helping the team communicate with the girl to determine what had happened to her, Grace soon volunteered to become the girl's legal guardian after the team's tests determined that she had been the victim of brutal child abuse since she was three years old.

After Doctor Temperance Brennan confirmed that Amy's parents had actually abducted her when she was a child, Grace continued to act as an interpreter until the team could find her biological parents. Grace was stunned by the idea that they could locate her home area through Amy's wisdom teeth, but translated the message to Amy who eagerly agreed. Brennan's idea panned out and she located Amy's real parents, the Winslows in Los Angeles, California as well as Amy's real name, Samantha Winslow. Grace accompanied Samantha, Brennan and Booth to her reunion with her parents and watched as they were happily reunited.

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