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Grayson Barasa is Angela's ex-husband, whom she married in Fiji, while drunk.


He was originally known as Birimbau and, after some searching, was located so that Angela could divorce him legally and marry Hodgins. Originally, he refused to sign the divorce papers because bells rang the first time he and Angela kissed.("Yanks in the U.K. Part 1.") However, later in the same episode, Barasa sees Hodgins and Angela kissing while a group of bike riders ride by ringing their bells and vanishes.

He is very tall, handsome, and muscular. Hodgins calls him a giant after seeing him in pictures. Cam, after seeing him for the first time, calls him "a god, the best kind." In the beginning of "Yanks in the U.K. Part II", Birimbau had sex with Cam in the aftermath of his divorce with Angela. This causes tension between her, Angela, and Hodgins. They eventually make up, under the urging and supervision of Sweets.

In The Fact in the Fiction, when Angela asked Cam if time travel were possible and she could make one trip to relive a moment from her life when she was happiest, she brought up her time with Birimbau. Angela agreed that she would do the same thing.


  • Birimbau, although said in the series to be a small flute played by Brazilian Indians, is a percussion instrument that, to some extent, looks much like a bow (used by archers). Its origins are tied to the Capoeira 'fighting' style.