Greg Dorit is the murder victim in The Bond in the Boot. He was a CIA analyst who stumbled on a plot to smuggle a memory stick with unspecified but important information to Russia, taking it upon himself to investigate the potential handover when his superiors didn't believe him. Although he was brutally tortured by the plan's mastermind to make him reveal where he had hidden the briefcase after he managed to steal it, Dorit never broke despite the level of pain he was in being beyond what even most field agents were trained to deal with. He died of his injuries and was left in the boot of his car, where he was discovered by the team and the cause of his death eventually deduced.

With the case concluded, Dorit was given a memorial star on the wall commemorating CIA agents who had died in the line of duty, his superior Arthur Rutledge convincing the government to make an exception to the usual rule about only field agents being permitted such an honor in recognition of how Dorit went far beyond his duty for his country.

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