Haley Kent appears in "The Fury in the Jury" and "The Spark in the Park" and she is portrayed by Bonnie Root. She is the woman who stole Camille Saroyan's identity in Season 9. Haley and Cam were roommates in college. She claims that she stole Cam's identity because they were friends and "that made it easier." Cam wanted to raise the charges against her by moving forward with the charges of aggravated identity theft to add three years to her sentence, however Arastoo Vaziri convinces her to change her mind. She complies with Arastoo's wishes when she realizes that she does not want her hatred for Haley to become who she is. She was going to tell Haley, but changes her mind saying that "you don't need to know" after finding that Haley has absolutely no remorse.

Trivia Edit

  • She went to the same college as Cam. They were college roommates.
  • She could be known as the Anti-Cam. Both characters put their own belief systems before other people and posses a single minded focus on their duties without hesitation, remorse, or guilt. Unlike Cam, who worked hard at what she does to earn her needs and wants in her personal and professional life, Haley decided that it was better to take whatever she wants from others, even from her so-called friends, even at the risk of imprisonment.
  • Upon seeing Haley for the first time after Haley's arrest, Cam slapped her in the face.
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