Hamid Masruk is the murder victim in The Man in the S.U.V..

Hamid grew up in the Middle East, and suffered from malnourishment and suffered fractures on his feet as a method of torture, and at one point married Sahar Masruk, and eventually moved to the U.S. He also became head of the Arab-American Friendship League and became a White House consultant in Arab relations.

Before his death, an F.B.I. agent reported that he had lunch with the president approximately one week before he died. He also had a meal with the man who was having an affair with his wife, and his brother. His brother tried to persuade his brother in getting a divorce,

When Hamid developed soft bone tissue, stiff joints, and odd growths on his face, he began seeking treatment, testing for lupus. He actually had dioxin poisoning.

Hamid Masruk is killed when he enters his car, an S.U.V. to be exact, unaware that explosives made of gypsum and aluminum, have been planted underneath the car with a trigger connected to the odometer, planted by his brother. Zack says he was a well groomed man when he died, finding traces of detergent, cologne, and shampoo. While he drives, he turns up the heater, when his phone rings, from his wife, Sahar. He speaks to her in Arabic, which later evolves to him yelling in Arabic, and hangs up. Sahar had cheated on him and had an affair with a man named Ali Ladjavardi. He begins to recklessly drive, upsetting many cars around him. He parks at a café. Suddenly, his car explodes, which kills four other people and injures fifteen bystanders. His facial epidermis and fingertips are completely decimated in the blast, and his lower left leg and lumbar spine. His brother is later shot and killed when he was attempting to plant a bomb at a peace convention by Booth.

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