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Henry "Hank" Booth ll is the second child of Temperance Brennan and Seeley Booth, but is the third child of Booth. He has an older sister, Christine, and an older half-brother, Parker.


Brennan and Booth found out about her pregnancy in The Eye in the Sky. He was born between season 10 finale and beginning of season 11.

Brennan and Booth named their son Hank after Booth's grandfather, Hank Booth, who kicked Booth's father out of the house after discovering him beating Booth and took on the role of raising Booth and his little brother, Jared, himself. 


  • Ralph Waite who played Hank "Pops" Booth died in 2014. After his death, the show's writers stated that they did not plan to write an episode dealing with Hank's death, but would do their best to find some way to honor him on the show.[1]