Hank Reilly is the murder victim in The Double Death of the Dearly Departed. Cam came to him about advice about how to get Michelle to stop smoking cigarettes. According to Booth, Hank ran the best fantasy football league in D.C.

During the wake for Hank, Bones realized that Hank had been murdered, instead of dying of a heart attack as had been assumed. In the end, it was his stepmother who had murdered him by poisoning his tea. He actually woke up during autopsy as he was not truly dead and was then stabbed to death by the frightened undertaker Franklin Tung. He was later cremated. Hank's dying stepmother murdered him because she wanted to ensure her biological son Barney got all of her money when she died. The stepmother died five days after Hank's graveside service, having used up all of her heart medicine killing him.

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