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Harriet Soloway is the murder victim in The Babe in the Bar.


  • According to her resume, she had recently graduated from the Arrow Culinary Academy and then began working for the chocolate company. She also had an internship with a prestigious chocolatier in New York. However, these were all lies.
  • In actuality she graduated from Penn State.
  • According to her sister, Geneva, she hated chocolate.
  • She lied on every one of her resumes.
  • In one of her false resumes she stated that "she was an expert in the field of couture bustiers."
  • She worked for as a cosmetic rep, an outreach specialist, and worked for a toy company.
  • Before working for the chocolate factory, she worked for Bellomo Sparking Wines.
  • According to her former employers she was known for seducing men at her jobs.