Helen Bridenbecker is an art fanatic (known for her unusually heavy makeup) seen only in the episode "The Skull in the Sculpture." When the body of artist Geoffrey Thorne was found within one of his car wreck art pieces, Helen consistently enforces the fact that if even one scratch is found on the art piece after the team at the Jeffersonian analyzes it, trying to get to the body, her lawyers will take action. In the end, it was Helen that killed the artist Geoffrey Thorne. She was slowly dying of leukemia, and the reason for her heavy makeup was to hide a skin discoloration that came with the disease. She killed Geoffrey because she believed he was going to die anyway, as he had thoughts of suicide before his murder and often spoke of them to Roxie, and Helen saw murdering him as a favor. She also believed the price of his artwork would increase as a result of his death, where she planned to sell them so that she'd be able to afford attending a cancer treatment center in Mexico. The treatment would have been unsuccessful as the clinic was a scam to defraud Helen and others like her out of their money.

Given her diagnosis, she has presumably passed away since her arrest.

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