Intern in the Incinerator is the sixth episode of the third season of Bones.


When Jeffersonian workmen find a young female's fire-consumed body in the incinerator, the forensic pathology team soon concludes it was an institute collaborator, a young intern, and that it must be murder committed a few hours ago. Booth stays to help investigate, which lays bare several possible motives. Despite the apparent connection with the Gormogon serial killer, plausibly planted on purpose, more mundane motives among Jeffersonian staff are pursued systematically, even common crime one wouldn't expect among select scientists.


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Bones's passwords (which Booth knew) included Daffodil, Daisy, and Jupiter. Succinylcholine poisoning (apparently cannot be proven) - more notes later.

At the end of episode Bones and Booth drink J. Darby Single Malt Scotch Whisky, a fictional brand from ISS.[1]

Letters J. Da... on bottle are easy to spot and that could lead somebody uninformed to think it is Jack Daniels, but if you watch closely enough it is obvious that it IS NOT Jack Daniels, as logo is different, last letter of brand name is Y and not S, bottle shape is round, and bottle etiquette is white (not JD standard black).

A 2018 episode of Lucifer (The Angel of San Bernardino), directly references this episode, where Lucifer mistakes another character played by Scott Rinker for a murderer due to staying up watching Bones: as it turns out, Rinker's character in Lucifer played his character on Bones, as he goes on to state after Lucifer apologizes, "That wasn't an easy role." The episode also featured clips and several references of Bones.

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