Ivy Gillespie appears in The Man in the Fallout Shelter.

She was romantically involved with Lionel Little and got pregnant by him. He promised to take her to Paris, where they could legally marry and raise their child together, but when Lionel disappeared in 1959, Ivy assumed that he abandoned her and their child. She later gave birth to her daughter in Oklahoma and raised her as a single mother. Her daughter went on to become a nurse and had daughter herself, Lisa, Ivy's granddaughter. Unfortunately, Ivy's daughter passed away and Ivy raised Lisa herself ever since. Lisa aspires to be a doctor, but is unable to afford college.

Ivy and Lisa traveled to the Jeffersonian Institute after being contacted by Dr. Brennan. There, Brennan explained what they had discovered about Lionel's murder by Gil Atkins. She presented Ivy with the tickets to Paris Lionel had purchased for them back in 1959, bringing Ivy to tears as she realized Lionel had not abandoned her like she originally thought. Brennan also gives Lisa her grandfather's most prized coin from his collection, valued at $100,000.

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