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Jamie Kenton is an FBI Agent assigned to the murder case of James Cugini, who he murdered to end a street war. Kenton was one of the original investigators in the Cugini Case. He became associated with the Romano crime family, who were feuding with the Cuginis at the time, while working undercover for the FBI. He said how the Romanos were good to him and did what they asked when he accepted their generosity.

Kenton attempted a drive-by and planted an explosive charge in the refrigerator in her home to kill Brennan but the drive by failed and the explosive charge was detonated by Booth who barely survived it because he was reaching towards a cabinet for a glass cup while opening the refrigerator. Kenton used an explosive which contained traces of sulfur which was manufactured by Whitley Chemical; the same company Hollings works for.

At first, Kenton tried pointing the investigation towards the Romanos, namely Carlo Romano, but eventually started to try to direct the case towards Kevin Hollings to throw suspicions off himself, and he even left a map in Hollings' apartment to further frame him for the explosion.

When Dr. Brennan came close to uncovering the truth, he abducted her and took her to a warehouse on "North and 21st" to kill her the same way as Hollings killed his two victims. Kenton revealed that the Romanos will kill him if he is arrested. Brennan attempted to escape, but Kenton was able to subdue her and bound her in chains. He even revealed that he killed Hollings and disposed of his body. Hodgins was able to take Booth to the abandoned warehouse after picking him up from the hospital. As Kenton prepared to knock Brennan out with the butt of his gun so she wouldn't suffer, Booth arrived with Hodgins and an FBI SWAT team and shot Kenton in the arm, preventing him from hitting Brennan. Booth later tells Brennan that Kenton confessed to everything, likely because he knew he was finished either way.