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Jason Harkness was an apprentice of Gormogon.


It's mentioned in The Widow's Son in the Windshield that he went to six different good private schools, but was expelled from all of them because he used to attack people in their dorms while they were sleeping. He later received therapy and did some community service, including cleaning the bank building where the Gormogon Vault was contained.

Sometime in his past he had a diamond inset planted in one of his teeth. This would later cause markings on one of Gormogon's victims, whose skull Jason gnawed on. The markings led Booth and Brennan to him and was enough to get a court order for his bite marks. Having nowhere left to go, Jason calmly confessed and hinted that he had eaten and possibly killed more people before biting the mold. He was later found in his cell, stabbed in the heart as an act of suicide and placed in the same position as the silver skeleton found in the vault.

Known Victims[]

  • Six unnamed students (assaulted in their sleep only)
  • Unnamed baby (killed and eaten)
  • Unnamed femur victim (eaten and possibly killed)
  • Gavin Nichols (killed and eaten)