Jeannine Kovac is the sister of Mark Kovac and the daughter of Josip Radik and Sasha Radik who was introduced in The Scare in the Score.

Jeannine: Your father's blood is on your husband's hands! So, now you know how it feels to have your father murdered right in front of you!
During her introduction, she poses as the wife of Mark Kovac who used two of her listings as hideouts when he tortured and killed Aldo Clemens, Michael Reiss, and Margaret Kwan. In The End in the End, It is revealed that she is the sister of Mark Kovac and responsible for the destruction of the Jeffersonian as well as the murder of Max Keenan. She helped her brother escape to exact revenge on Booth for killing Josip Radik in 1995. According to Caroline Julian, she would make sure that Jeannine will be locked up for the rest of her life without seeing freedom.

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