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"It was all of us. Every. Single. One. You take one of us away, and you and Hodgins are in that hole forever. And I'm thankful for that."
Booth about team
"Caroline: The whole Scooby Gang is coming back.
Booth: That's right, we're back!
Caroline: That's how it should be. You got something magic, you don't scatter it to the ins of the earth; you concentrate it in one place. There isn't a single normal law enforcement officer who could work with these people.
―Booth and Caroline talk about team
"You’re one of the Avengers, man. We need you."
―Hodgins to Sweets

The Jeffersonian Team is group of Jeffersonian Institute's Medico-Leagal Lab's scientists and FBI agents, who formed after Brennan and Booth decided to be partners.


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  • “In the future, when you have problems with my team, you register them with me in private, not by grandstanding in a public forum.” (Cam, The Titan on the Tracks)
  • “There’s more than one kind of family.” (Booth, Judas on a Pole)
  • “I figure a guy like you, I resign, that puts things right between us. Do we need to discuss it past that?”

“What are we, girls?"
(Hodgins and Booth, The Man in the Mansion)

  • “Angela and Hodgins are fine, Zack is back, Cam is locked in. What I need to know, Bones, is are we solid? Because, you and me, Bones, we’re the center.”

“And the center must hold.”
(Booth and Brennan, The Widow’s Son in the Windshield)

  • “Sweets is not a baby duck.”

“He wants what we all want. He wants to find out his place in the world.”
“We can find a permanent place for him. Right?”
(Booth, Gordon Gordon, Brennan, Mayhem on a Cross)

  • “You may have just saved my life.”

(Booth to Hodgins after he interprets Brennan’s science-y warning about Broadsky’s broken hand, The Hole in the Heart)

  • “Morally I have no problem with killing a killer, but Booth is the only one of us who has the skills and training to do it. The burden would fall on him. The decision needs to be his.”

“How many kills do you have?”
“My kills were battlefield decisions, green-lit from above. There is a chain of command.”
“Did any of them deserve to die more than Pelant?”
“We stay in the system. In lockdown, but in the system. That’s final. Are we good?”
“Yeah. We’re good.”
(Brennan, Hodgins, Booth, Angela discuss how to deal with Pelant, The Corpse on the Canopy)

  • “You know he would have died if it wasn’t for you.”

“No, come on. The antiserum saved his life.”
“No, you and Brennan gave him the time until it got here. You and Brennan saved him, babe.”
(Angela and Hodgins,The Pathos in the Pathogens)

  • “Here’s to Sweets, my little brother I never wanted but who I’m glad I have.”

(Booth’s toast to Sweets, El Carnicero in el Coche)

  • “You’re one of the Avengers, man. We need you.”

(Hodgins to Sweets, El Carnicero in el Coche)

  • “Pelant thinks he’s smarter than all of us, which might be true. But he’s not smarter than all of us put together.”
    (Caroline, The Sense in the Sacrifice)
  • “Was that what it looked like?”
    “Looks like a proposal.”
    “I feel like we missed a whole bunch.”
    “Who cares? We were here for the big happy ending.”
    (Hodgins, Angela, Sweets, Caroline, The Sense in the Sacrifice)
  • “Mr. Bray, we’re scientists. Hopefully we’re not ruled by hysteria fueled by ignorance. You’re fighting for your life.”
    “Yeah, but while I’m here, I want you to think I’m living it well.”
    “I do. As a matter of fact, I think you’re an example to us all.” (Brennan and Wendell, The High and the Low)
  • “I just have to say how much I appreciate how accepting you’ve been about me working with you on this case.”

“Yes. That is rare for me, isn’t it?”
“Yes. Yes, it is…I know Pelant told you you’d never be able to catch this Ghost Killer without his expertise. I’m determined to prove him wrong.”
“I appreciate that, Clark.” (Clark and Brennan, The Nail in the Coffin)

  • “I fought back. You’d be proud.” (Sweets, The Conspiracy in the Corpse)
  • “I don’t know if I can do this to him.” “You can. This is not Sweets. This is a set of remains that will give us the man who killed Sweets.” (Cam and Brennan, The Conspiracy in the Corpse)
  • “He was family.” (Booth, The Lance to the Heart)
  • “I do believe Sweets is still with us. Not in a religious sense, because the concept of God is merely a foolish attempt to explain the unexplainable. But in a real sense…he’s here. Sweets is a part of us. Our lives, who we all are, at this moment, have been shaped by our relationships with Sweets. But each of us is like a delicate equation, and Sweets was the variable without which we wouldn’t be who we are. I might not have married Booth, or had Christine. Daisy certainly wouldn’t be carrying his child. We all are who we are because we knew Sweets.” (Brennan, The Lance to the Heart)
  • “Enough with the apologies, okay, Wendell? Stop feeling sorry for yourself. And keep fighting. I don’t need to see another brother die.” (Booth to Wendell, 'The Corpse at the Convention')
  • “Science can only go so far, Dr. Hodgins…you think I’ve changed since Lance died, don’t you?”

“We all change. All the time. You know, that is science. It’s just I don’t want you to push us all away because you’re afraid of losing someone else.”
(Daisy and Hodgins, The Puzzler in the Pit)

  • Dedicated to Temperance Brennan and Seeley Booth – the people who taught me that understanding, compassion, and love are not just notions in a book. My life means more because I know you.”
    (Sweets’ book dedication page, The Psychic in the Soup)
  • “You want me to say everything’s going to be fine.”

“No, I want you to tell me the truth.”
(Booth, Cam, The Baker in the Bits)

  • “If you’re serious about going, you need to be honest about the risks – and honest with Dr. Saroyan, so if you never see her again, at least you know you didn’t lie to her.”

(Brennan to Arastoo, The Baker in the Bits)

  • “What are you, my sponsor now?”

“No, I’m just some guy who’d take a bullet for you in the field, the same way you’d take one for me.”
(Booth & Aubrey, The Eye in the Sky)

  • “Do you think…do you think Arastoo didn’t ask me to go to Iran with him because I’ve been so noncommittal about the whole marriage thing?”

“I imagine everyone is telling you he’ll be fine over there.” “Yeah, but I can’t stop worrying.”
“Of course not. The truth is, Arastoo could be arrested in Iran, or even executed. If you were with him, you would have been in danger, too. He knew that.”
“Wow. Thanks for not holding back.”
“Arastoo loves you, Cam. Whether or not you marry him. That’s why he didn’t want you to go with him. I would have done the same thing.”
“So would I.”
“Then you should feel better.”
“I do. Yes. Thank you.”
(Cam and Brennan, The Big Beef at the Royal Diner)

  • “I feel foolish. I know life changes. And I should be bigger than this. I don’t …I don’t know why I’m crying.”

“Because you love them.”
“I do.”
(Cam and Arastoo about Brennan and Booth decided to quits theirs jobs, The Next in the Last)

  • “I’m sorry about Jared. I know when you and Booth used to date, he was a big part of your life.”

“Yeah. He was like a kid brother. The one that always got into trouble, but he was family.”
(Hodgins and Cam, The Brother in the Basement)

  • “You think I’m going to steal an office from the guy who taught me everything I know?”

(Aubrey to Booth, The Donor in the Drink)

  • I don’t think I’m qualified to decide the right thing to do with that. If anyone is…it’s you,”

(Hodgins to Booth, High Treason in the Holiday Season)

  • “I know it’s absolutely none of my business, but I understand how hard it is to open your heart again after a loss. It takes time, and it takes courage, but at some point, you have to risk it. If you don’t? You shrink a little inside.”

(Daisy, to Cam, The Cowboy in the Contest)

  • “That’s what friends and teammates do. They stand up for each other.”
    (Angela, to Cam, The Stiff in the Cliff)
  • “-but I’m just going to keep talking anyway. I don’t know anything, really, but whatever’s going on right now, I’m sure you guys will get through it.”
     (Aubrey, to Booth, The Grief and the Girl)
  • “You guys are like my family here.”

“That will not change.”
(Wendell and Brennan, The Radioactive Panthers in the Party)


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