Jeffrey Hodgins is a mentally ill man with schizo-affective disorder and the brother of Jack Hodgins.

Jeffrey: They use static electricity to mask the changes. It's what Bradbury warned us. Changes so subtle you hardly even notice.


Jeffrey Hodgins is introduced in "The Heiress in the Hill."

It is presumed that when his mother was pregnant with Jack, his parents sent him to the Sandalwood Home to protect Jack and himself. He stayed in the home for 30 years. He is shown to be quite intelligent and pleasant company when he takes his medication and has proper treatments, otherwise his illness can flare up and sometimes persuade him to run away from his home only to always be found by the people that work there since he only goes to one of a few places. Jack cares deeply about his older brother which is signified when he decides to get a loan to pay for all of Jeffrey's medication "like the normal person that he never was." Jeffrey believes that there is a shroud of static electricity that separates the real with the nonexistent. He claims that there are only a few people who can "see past the static."

Jeffrey: "The year 1866 was signalized by a remarkable incident."

Hodgins: "A mysterious and puzzling phenomenon that surely no one has forgotten."
Jeffrey: "Without knowing into the rumors that...."
Both: "...upset civilians in the sea ports and deranged the public mind even far inland. It must be said that professional sea men were especially alarmed"


  • Jeffrey has the same eye color as his mother.
  • He and Hodgins both love Jules Verne. Jonathan read 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea to Jeffrey and Hodgins every night before bed.
  • Based on their similar views on how "they" never use science for good, Jeffrey is a conspiracy theorist just like his brother.
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