Jenny James is one of the twelve murder victims buried under the Teversham Fountain in Harbingers in the Fountain and also the twin sister of Avalon Harmonia. She was a member of the group called Harbingers of a New Day. She, like the rest of the group, except for her sister, had MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) She died of poisoning from antifreeze like the rest of the group. Tom Fargood, who founded the group and killed the group, buried her along with the rest of the group under the Teversham Fountain. Ten years later, her body was found along with the others. Avalon, who was devastated of her sister's death, works with the team to find and arrest her killer. The team couldn't prove that Fargood killed her because the antifreeze was untraceable. Eventually, he is caught and arrested for multiple other crimes involving the group.

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