Bones Wiki

Bones indeed has her own types of humour. Throughout the season she can be heard cracking jokes, some are funny while some others are only funny to her. Here is a list of those said jokes:

Season 2, episode 11[]

BRENNAN: You worried about your Doctorate?

ZACK: No. Dr. Grayson touched me with an open hand on the shoulder.

BRENNAN: You mean inappropriately?

ZACK: No. I read a book on body language. Apparently, in our culture when an older male lays an open hand on a younger male, it conveys approval but if he bumps younger male with a closed fist – it conveys doubt. Dr. Grayson, went like this (he demonstrates by tapping Brennan on the shoulder 3 times with an open hand), not like this (he lightly taps Brennan on the shoulder 3 times with a closed fist). Like this (he repeated the open handed tapping). Not like this ( he repeats the tapping with a closed fist).

BRENNAN: Dr. Grayson is elderly and arthritic, perhaps he simply needed help getting to his feet like this (she pushes down on Zack’s shoulder 3 times with an open hand – demonstrating someone getting up)

SECURITY GUARD: Dr. Brennan? Visitors in your office. (Brennan turns back to Zack and lays an open hand on his shoulder and taps him three times)

Season 2, episode 16[]

BRENNAN: No bones, no Bones. (she turns to head out, but stops and turns back) I was the second “bones”.