Julie Coyle or The Butcher of Burtonsville High appears in The Death of the Queen Bee. She is responsible for the deaths of her classmates Sarah Tidwyler and Evelyn Simms.

She and Evelyn made a pact in high school. They both decided to kill a classmate named Sarah Tidwyler so they can date her boyfriend at the time, Brad Benson. They were never caught and the police even suspected the janitor, Ray Buxley, was the murderer instead.

In The Death of the Queen Bee, Booth and Brennan found Evelyn's body which was disposed the same way they disposed Sarah's body. The ribs were sliced and/or snapped off the body to make it look like a cannibalistic person from an urban legend from 1956 known as the Butcher of Burtonsville High.

Booth and Brennan went to Brennan's class reunion undercover as a married couple. She and Brad are decorating the Gym for the reunion when they ran into Booth and Brennan and they discussed their lives after high school. She was seen slicing coconuts with a hack saw when Brennan and Booth walk into the Gym.

During the reunion dance, she tries to comfort Brad after he found out that Evelyn never made it to Nicaragua. Ray Buxley told Brennan that she made all the metal stars for the reunion after she found out that the stars are the murder weapon used on Evelyn. After Evelyn fell on the stars as the varnish they were coated in was drying on the drying rack, Julie shoved her on the stars which punctured the plural cavity of her lung, killing her. Julie cleaned the wood shop classroom with bleach to cover her tracks, but Brennan was able to find bone dust on the computer in the same area. As she was arrested, she told them that "it was my (Her) turn to have him (Brad)." and "She (Evelyn) wouldn't give him up." She kept asking about Brad as she went into the cop car, implying that she is obsessive over having Brad all to herself, even homicidal if necessary.

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  • According to Brennan, she was locked out of the locker room in her underwear and the boys posted the pictures all over the school.
  • She can't pronounce "Nicaragua".
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